connecting two lans in different locations

Hi welcome to network kings, this tutorial is to connecting two lans in different locations, so suppose you have two locations or you can say two switches and connected to one ISP ( CISCO router ) First Connect both the switches with Cisco Router. 1. Chandigarh Branch  Gateway ip address 2. Gurgaon Branch Gateway ip address 3. Chandigarh Lan Subnet 4. Gurgaon Lan Subnet 192.168.20/24   Now in 1st image i am configuring ip address to PC's In 2nd image the most important one is to configure router interafaces int fa1/0 i am giving chandigarh gateway on fa0/0 i am giving gurgaon gateway in 3rd image you can see we can able to ping from chandigarh pc to Gurgaon PC. Thanks & Share .
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Connecting PC’s in packet Tracer

CCNA, networks
Hi, This Tutorial is to connect two different PC in Packet tracer, If you are not familiar with OSI model basics, go to our CCNA OSI Model video on youtube " OSI network kings " , SO for example Pc1 ---------------------------------connected to ----------------------------PC2 [caption id="attachment_1816" align="alignnone" width="558"] Connecting PC's in packet Tracer[/caption] pc1 - pc2 - Points to Remember, 1. You can only assign Class A, Class B, Class C  ip address. 2. Range between 1 - 229 3. You cannot assign all host value 0 , and 1 too, It means you cannot assign Network ID and broadcast ip address. Lets start
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