basic configuration of router

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Today we are going to configure Configuring IP addressing lab , So we have 4 Routers We will do our most of the practical's on this topology, you can choose any software GNS3 or Packet Tracer   Lets Configure our first lab : basic configuration of router Networkkings> ( User Mode )  -  Enter Enable to go to next mode Networkkings# ( Privilege mode ) - Enter Configure Terminal to go to next mode Networkkings(config)# ( Global Configuration Mode ) Networkkings(config-if)# ( Interface Mode ) These all our Subnets which are in between of Routers. R1 is connected to R2 & R3 R1 ---- R2 R1 ----- R4 is connected to R2 & R3 R4 ---- R2 R4 ----- R2 is connected to R1 & R4 R2----- R2----- R3 is connected…
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