MPLS tutorial

Hi Reader today I am going to Explain you , How mpls works ? Mpls is multiprotocol label switching is mostly found in service provider networks. MPLS is a technology that is primarily see in the service provider, In service provider networks, the result of using MPLS is that only the routers on the edge of the MPLS domain perform routing lookup; all other routers forward packets based on labels. MPLS is very useful in service provider (and large enterprise) networks bcoz it enhances BGP routing and provides different services and applications, such as Layer 2 and 3 VPNs, QoS, and TE ( Traffic engineering ) In an MPLS , there are two types of routers:   Label-switched router (LSR): A device that forwards packets that are mainly based on…
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What Is MPLS and Why do we need it?

What Is MPLS and Why do we need it? Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) in simple terms, which enables a Service Provider (SP) to offer scalable and internetworking solutions for its clients. In addition to scalability, MPLS offers Traffic Engineering (TE) and Quality of Service (QoS). While TE is more oriented towards SP, scalability and QoS features will benefit both SP and its customers. What MPLS does is an addition of one or more labels which is inserted between Layer 2 header and Layer 3 header in a datagram. An additional label offers one more way of packet forwarding in addition to the traditional IP lookup. Since the MPLS label is placed just before Layer 3 header and after Layer 2 header, an SP router uses MPLS label in its…
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