What is GRE Tunnel ?

Getting Started with GRE Tunnel GRE Tunnel knows as Generic Routing Encapsulation is a tunnelling protocol developed by Cisco that provides the encapsulation of an extensive number of network layer protocols inside point-to-point links. GRE encapsulates packets into IP packets and redirects them to an intermediate host, where they are de-encapsulated and routed to their final destination. As a result of the path to the intermediate host appear to the internal datagrams as one hop, Ethernet Switches can function as if they've a digital point-to-point reference to one another. A GRE tunnel is utilised when packets must be despatched from one community to a different over the Web or an unsafe community. With GRE, a digital tunnel established between the 2 endpoints (Cisco routers), and packets forwarded by way of the…
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