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networking certifications, CCNA, CCNA Security, CCNA Data center, JNCIA BootcampCCNA, CCNA security, CCNA data center with Juniper JNCIA, One of the reasons Network kings is so successful is because we are constantly on a lookout for innovative ways to provide you the best networking certifications trainings , as a training school.

We realized that though networking is a relevant field and so full of opportunities, candidates were still struggling post completing their networking training.

We pondered over our role as a training body in making a difference to this situation. To have a better understanding of the expectation of the hirers and struggles of the candidates, we entered into a process of extensive dialogue with both these parties.

The communication with these two helped us realize that gone are the days of specialization. Multiple skills is the new demand and most imperative aspect behind finalizing a resume.

When even all our computers migrated from single to multitasking long back, so how could we be left untouched of this expectation.

We learned while companies expected versatility, struggling applicants informed just how big a hurdle not being trained for multiple spheres proved to be.

In order to adapt to the changing needs of the industry, we had to respond with newer solutions as the traditional approach to training was not working.

Industries don’t know what to do with first time applicants who might be highly trained in one single domain but lack the necessary experience. Due to the lack of experience, they cannot be placed at very responsibility oriented position anyway.

In an industry like networking, the experience is gold & so you just will initially always begin with not so specialized roles. As no industries are using single vendor devices, they prefer networkers who are multi skilled with networkig certifications. Realizing that equipping a student with multiple skills will bring the real benefit, we designed the Quad online boot camp.

The online quad boot camp is a solution devised to combine the best of networking modules in demand. While it facilitate the industry requirement of multi skilled talent acquisition, it empowers the candidates to turn their heads to any domain, opening multiple doors of opportunities. They can explore more, experiment more and definitely have the advantage of knowing more.

We have chosen a combination of Cisco CCNA, CCNA security, CCNA data center with Juniper JNCIA, the best from two most critical vendor estimated to be supporting the networking architecture of more than 80% of the organization.

Contact us to know more about our Quad online boot camp & add the best of all-round networking knowledge to your resume.

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