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You must have been tired of hearing of how networking is the fastest growing field. However there is something accelerating just as rapidly as is the internet;  Cybercrime. As most organizations now have all their critical asset digitized, with that also come the need to safeguard those assets. This is the reason why every organization have security as their top goal & they hire engineers who took Firewall training & Securing their networks.  Even the most basic operating system sitting on top of most basic home use  purpose desktops have firewall application running on them,

Talking about security at enterprise level, Firewall is one of most trusted product lines. You must have heard of vendors like Palo Alto, Checkpoint, Fortinet, Juniper SRX, Cisco ASA that have earned for themselves  the reputation of being reliable, comprehensive & efficient when it comes to securing digital assets.Firewall Training

If you have Next Generation Firewall training added to your resume, just that makes it 60% more attractive to the interviewee.  For those who have interest in securing networks, awareness of core concepts in play behind  firewalls working will be a brilliant addon. Next-Generation Security Platform are already talk of the security architect’s and have received much appreciation and attention in the industry.

Why Choose us for Online Firewall  Training ?

We at Network kings know the importance of multivendor contribution to networking & hence we  keep you updated and aware of the best solutions from all vendors. Here you will not be confined to just Cisco. Our intention is to be able to provide as much industry-oriented relevant knowledge as we can & prepare you, keeping in mind that you don’t feel limited in any way.

You can choose any of the modules listed below or all of them. The best thing is we have tailored these tracks to be completed in 24,  16 and 16 respectively. Yes,  you will be able to complete all three of these in less than a  week.

  • Next Generation Firewall Essentials  [24 Hours]
  • Next Generation Firewall Essentials 2        [16 Hours]
  • NextGeneration Firewall Management  tool   [16 Hours]

We encourage you to do your own independent research on the importance of  Next Gen Firewalls  as we are committed to transparency and providing you the best.

If you feel these modules will be of value to you, get trained by the best. We believe our one-to-one attention, affordable prices and carefully planned training will leave you with 3 times more knowledge than any other training institute.

Choose any of your Firewall & We will Provide you the custom Plan.

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