1. How to access Bulitin help
generalized syntax of commands
Help with --help options
Understanding man command
Understanding info command
Extended documentation available
Redhat Documents available online
2. Linux Usage Basics
Login/Logout to Text/Graphical consoles
What should be a good password
changing password of a user
Switching identity of a user
Know default virtual consoles available/navigation
Understanding current logged user and its Identity
Understanding PWD and home directory of logged in user
Starting a terminal window and managing tab terminals
getting/setting date, time and calender in linux
displaying different information about kernel
In Text console How to change the banner and message of the day.
Understanding shutdown/reboot using commands
3. Browsing File System
The file System Hierarchy
Important directories of linux
File/dir naming conventions
The Absolute and relative path
Managing files/dir using commands
File statistics
ls,touch,mkdir, cd etc.
4. Browsing File System Advanced
How to copy files/dir in linux using commands
How to move files/dir in linux using commands
How to remove files/dir in linux using commands
The inodes in linux and there effects on cp,rm & mv command
viewing the contents of text files
The link files in linux
5. Basices of Users, Groups and Permissions
Understand linux security model
Understand file permissions
Symbolic and Numeric representation of permissions
Understand Default permissions and umask
Understanding important files related to users,groups & perm
6. Advanced permissions management
Understanding Special permissions
SUID,SGID and sticky on files/dir
Understanding File ACLS
7. Advanced Permissions Management Using SeLinux
Understanding MAC Selinux
Configuring Selinux
Changing Selinux context
8. Searching Files in Linux
Understand locate and find tools
locate with regular expression
Understand different criteria of find
How to run command on found files
Difference between -ok and -exec
Understand working with xargs
9. Process Management
Introduction to Process and its components
Understand various process states
Viewing the processes/ background Jobs
Understand process priority
Giving Signals to the processes
Process Monitoring
10. Scheduling Processes
Scheduling Processes
Understanding Job Scheduling
Job scheduler at & cron
Set/View/delete jobs using at
securing at job scheduling using at.deny & at.allow
Understanding system cron jobs
Set/View/delete Jobs using cron
securing cron jobs using cron.deny & cron.allow
11. Vi Editor Basic
Overview of vi/vim
different modes of vi editor
switching between different modes
understanding the cursor movement commands
How execute ‘yank,delete,change and paste’
How to undo and redo the changes
run filtering commands in vi
searching text in vi/vim
performing search and replace in vi
12. Vi Editor Advanced
understanding advanced cursor movement in vi
advanced file repositioning commands in vi
advanced screen repositioning commands in vi
advanced reading and saving in vi
understanding visual mode in vi
Opening and managing multiple files for editing
set environment in vi using set command
setup configuration environment permanently
13. Standard I/O and pipes
Understand standard I/O channels in linux
Understand comman redirection operators
Understand concept of chaining using pipes
Understanding the tee command
14. Text/String Processing Tools
Understanding Text processing
Describe tools like cat,tac,head,tail,less,more, wc,tr etc.
Describe tools like diff, patch, sort, uniq, cut, paste etc.
15. Text/String Processing with Regular Expressions
Introduction to Regular Expressions
Regular Expressions Wildcards/Modifiers/Anchors
Using grep command
Introduction to sed (stream editor)
Search and Replace operation using sed
16. Introduction to BASH
Understanding Shell
Commandline completion/expansion/inhibition/history/editing
How shell expands the command line tokens

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