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Network Kings offering CCNA online training, Which is a well designed active program for Everyone to develop their basic knowledge & Start a journey to become a networking Expert.

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About the Course

Is there any limit to dreaming, No Then why should we stick to our career path? Now we can develop your career so comfortable as a daydreaming It’s glad to inform you that, We are providing CCNA Online training with relevant practical domain knowledge Trainers. Network Kings offering CCNA online training, Which is a well designed active program for Everyone to develop their basic knowledge & Start a journey to become a networking Expert. We validate the candidate with following qualities at the end of the CCNA & after that you can join for our CCNP online training & CCIE Online Training
  • Ability to control and equalize network structures such as switching, routing, etc.
  • Ability Ability to Install, Operate, Troubleshoot medium sized routes and switch networks
  • AbilityUnderstand the basics of TCP/IP with functionalities of STP & Ether channel.
  • AbilityGet expertise in managing CISCO internetwork, devices and the process of configuration and troubleshooting of Ipv6.
In online CCNA Program, you can quickly achieve professionalism without any extra effort. Imagine, nowadays we can do anything online, We can buy things, sell things, consult a doctor, Trade, any other services in online. Then why we do not try to online training program? If you try this, we think this is your life turning situation.You can understand any ambitious program to very accessible by our CCNA online training Course.
It seems like just yesterday, when telecom took over the mailing system. At that time, to that generation, It all must have looked like a dream, which could not get any better.However here we are! Wired to optical, byte to gigs, 2G to 4G we are surpassing the limits of our previous innovation and get to something fast and better each day.Development by mankind has been tremendous in all fields, but if there is one thing that has entirely changed and took over any style of communication ever known to men, it is the internet.What makes networking stand out from the rest of major players is that this digital revolution has widespread impact like anything seen before.Our Schools, Universities, Offices, Banks, Hospitals, Markets, Commerce, Government, Aviation, Defence, Research Centres are all getting digitized.Computer networking; be it with or without internet, limited within domestic or extended to international boundaries, private sectors or government, it is just everywhere. Think about it: from arranging transportation, looking for navigation, booking, shopping, reading, learning, communicating, social interaction, business deals and what not. Each and everything is now being done online.This entire e-commerce space, the giants like Uber, Amazon, every single one of them, their infrastructure is completely based on the technology grid which utilizes computers, internet, information flow, data security as its non-separable entities. Their foundation to future all designed to survive on power of networking. With the use of networking equipments and protocols, also comes the need for a dedicated networking team to set up and make sure their internet run smooth all the time. The future of networking is promising. It is have prospects, availability, have many levels for growth, pays twice any other jobs in industry and is much interesting and critical work than all comparative major fields of this time.

Find Job Roles after CCNA Online Training

Almost every organisation in world today have a networking infrastructure and so naturally, every one of these also need networkers. With more & more businesses going online, e-commerce becoming the trend and digital awareness taking over, we need more and more workforce to control operations in the background. If you have already completed graduation and just waiting to be part of the I.T conglomerates, there are numerous profiles waiting for you depending on your experience level. Here are few job roles a CCNA helps you get : NOC Engineer: Almost every company, be it IT or non IT, as long as they have any sort of networking infrastructure, they need Network Engineers to maintain that. Most basic job role in a Network Operations Centre involve monitoring. Depending on your skills you can hold variety of diverse positions available for network management team working at NOC. Network Administration: Your CCNA opens the door to this very desirous position in industry. However good things comes with time and experience & just your CCNA will not make you a network admin. With some years of experience in the networking industry most networkers end up in admin role which is a high paying job. System Administration & system support: CCNA also help you with system administrator profile. If you checkout job portals for system admin roles you can see most if them mention CCNA as a requisite. Server Administration & Server Support: For those who want to be able to work on server side administration again CCNA is a worthy add to resume. TAC support / Network Support Engineer: TAC jobs are one of the most accepted job that you get after CCNA. Though it is astonishing that people can look down at this incredible job role and it is compared to any other service phone support. 90% of time all Network administrators reach out to TAC to get their network issues resolved. Though the job can be tiring, it is the one with best learning curve. Trainer: With network training academies mushrooming all over the country, you can easily reach out to a network training institute or can also opt to be a corporate trainer and prepare the future network Engineers. The added benefit at both these profiles is that while you earn money by teaching, you also revisit and solidify your own concepts.After gaining some experience at a private /Government training institute you can aim for corporate trainers. Freelance Job Roles: If you have more creative ambitions, you can also start your own Youtube channel and earn money by posting networking videos online. A website or blog dedicated to networking can also be fascinating to some with flair for writing. As you gain enough experience and financial resources, you can give shape to more ambitious entrepreneurial dreams like your own network training school.

Why to do CCNA online Course from us.

We are team of company working engineers & experts, We know everything about company networks, so nobody can train like us, We Train you online, It’s a smart digital way for learning in this modern life. You can feel the brightness from when you enter to online training CCNA Certification reflect the candidate’s marketability and scope within the organisation and also significantly improve career opportunities. The online training ensures job oriented practice in groups. All the main corporates prefer CCNA Certified professionals for their jobs with an excellent salary and promotions. This training will opt for administrators, Network engineers, etc.They can enhance their functional capabilities by doing online training. It can add extra sub-degree to their job for more preferences In traditional classrooms you will get to the lecture only but here it smooth rewind as many times you want, and you can learn whenever you like, at any place, at any time you didn’t need to wait for tutors. The best part is you can save time and money comparing traditional way. You can get contact with various professionals from different places and can discuss various topics with them.

How we train best for CCNA Online classes

The Network Kings entirely different with others by the way that the entire training is explained in a very simple way such that anyone participates in the training will quickly become a professional. This training takes you through a path in which you learn and expertise a different world to its maximum by putting least effort. In CCNA online training covers all topics required you to become a professional, This training is something that changes your career path towards in the right direction. We designed this course in the way that there is no need of prior networking knowledge. Join this course in Network Kings and awake the flying engineer resting inside you. Only we are expecting you to have a PC with Good Internet Connection so that you can go through our training, You can make your career beautiful. The CCNA Routing and Switching certification will not only provide you with the understanding of technologies but assure you stay consistent with skill sets require for the adoption of next creation technologies.

Exams & Recommended Training

No prerequisites
  • 200-125 CCNA v3.0 ( Click here for Exam topics )
  • Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices: Accelerated (CCNAX)
Note: You can also split your CCNA Exam into two parts
    • 100-105 ICND1 v3.0 : Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 (ICND1)
    • 200-105 ICND2 v3.0 : Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 2 (ICND2)
It means half of the syllabus in first exam and another half in the second exam, But we suggest everyone go directly for CCNA Exam as it also costs the same.

How do I earn my Certificate of Completion?

  • Complete The Following Course
  • Pass in the Examination
  • Get Certified

If you are thinking about a future in networking, you are making a right choice. Let us help you more in realizing your goals at the guaranteed most affordable price. Our training is three times better than any classroom program; Our trainers are good in technical as well in training skills.


No worries. It might happen. We will reschedule the classes as per your convenience within the stipulated course duration with all such possibilities. And if required you can even attend that topic if any other live batches.

Top-notch professionals in that field who understands how to convey things in technical as well as subject matter experts.

We offer this course in “Live Instructor-Led Online Training” mode. Through this way you won’t mess anything in your real-life schedule. You will be shared with live meeting access while your session starts.

You can get a sample class recording to ensure you are in right place. We ensure you will be getting complete worth of your money by assigning a best instructor in that technology.

Payments can be made using any of the following options and a receipt of the same will be issued to you automatically via email.

  1. Visa Debit Card / Credit Card
  2. American Express
  3. Master Card, Or
  4. PayPal

If you want to know More Details about our Online Training Please Contact +1-408-7522450 / +91-9899422840. Or you can share your quires through Estimated turnaround time will be 24 hours for emails.

21 reviews for CCNA Routing and Switching

  1. 5 out of 5


    The best entry-level course in the market. Awesome training by Atul Sir and Gurpreet Sir!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Hari Shanker

    For Starting a Networking Carrier CCNA is the entry-point and we must have good CCNA knowledge to position our-self in the market. Outstanding training by Atul Sir. I learned a lot from Network Kings and enhanced my skills. I have also decided to come back for CCNP training.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Sachin mishra

    Best Online ccna Training is Networkkings.
    Atul sir teaches really very nice, great sir with great knowledge .

  4. 5 out of 5

    Antimbala Patidar

    The material in this course set a good foundation that can be applied practically.
    I recommend this course highly, as it takes you back to basics and removes the bad habits we’ve picked up over the years.
    I really enjoyed this course and would like to do some further training with “Network kings”.
    I really didn’t realise how many mistakes I’ve been making. The exercise were brilliant. Our trainer Atul sir always share knowledgeable , interesting and shared many tips with us. Those are career oriented.
    Thanks a lot Networkings and our world best trainer Mr.Atul Sharma.

  5. 5 out of 5


    Very good online training program for networking. friendly environment. I recommend you all to join Network kings..

  6. 5 out of 5


    Network the word itself means a lot. It was really tough going for me too but the day I saw demo online I took a decision if NETWORKING is my goal it can only be with NETWORK KING. The way Atul Sir teach, explain elaborate things I have not seen in any where else. Any one who is thinking to make carrier in networking there is no other place than NETWORK KINGS.

  7. 5 out of 5


    Great and knowledgeable personality … It feels good when he teaches me networking…….

  8. 5 out of 5

    ravi kumar gupta

    Network kings provide good training for network (ccna/ccnp). provide good study materials .our trainer Mr. Atul Sharma very energetic, good knowledge in networking, teaching skills. he gives important time to train us. thanks a lot sir for sharing your time knowledge everything which you have got from your hardwork.

  9. 5 out of 5

    Ajit Kumar

    Networking is a platform of working professional to learn ccna to ccie with deep knowledge and non working person also to crack Cisco exam where trainer still sharks is a Experienced Freelancer Cisco Trainer teaching he is a it trainer where we can learned a lot of things to clear Cisco exam so this exam is a big platform in networking

  10. 5 out of 5


    Networking is a best online platform to working professional and non working professional to crack Cisco exam where Experienced Cisco Trainer atul sharma trained people to clear Cisco exam, so networking kings is a leader in networking

  11. 5 out of 5


    It’s a best way to learn CCNA . Atul sir is the best teacher for CCNA. The way he describe the things and every topic, is tremendous.
    And if you’re looking for a good start then it would be a great platform

  12. 5 out of 5


    Best CCNA online training company for beginners and also for experience holders, where you easily get solution of your problems, education by experience faculty members and one of our best trainer “Mr. Atul Sharma Sir”.

  13. 5 out of 5


    Best online Training company for beginners and for experience holders, teach by best and experienced faculty member and one of our best ever trainer, Mr.Atul sharma Sir

  14. 5 out of 5

    Shivam Tripathi

    Joining network kings under Atul sir is very graceful to me. He has a different way of teaching and explain each and every topics with real time examples.Not only he trains the basics but also provide in depth knowledge about networking.He is very lucrative as a trainer with enormous experience under his belt knows how its done and where students need the right kind of training. GO WITH NETWORK KINGS WITH EASE

  15. 5 out of 5

    Dheeraj Arora

    Networkking provide best online classes for networking and professional courses, very helpful and provide best knowledgeable classes.

  16. 5 out of 5

    Sumit Shakya

    I have learnt CCNA and the instructor is awesome.
    Atul,s energy certainly keeps things interesting.
    I know that any course I take with Atul will be good.
    Fellow students would do well taking his courses.

  17. 5 out of 5

    Abhishek Yadav

    Networkking provide best online classes for networking and professional courses, very helpful and provide best knowledgeable classes and believe me guys atul sir is a very good trainer, he explains anything very well and provides extra knowledge as compared to other Institute’s.

  18. 5 out of 5

    Abhishek Yadav

    Network kings is the Best online Training institute for CCNA (beginners) and for experience holders, teach by best and experienced faculty member and one of our best ever trainer, Atul sir

  19. 5 out of 5

    Ravi Kuamr

    Networking is a great online platform to learn Networking concepts. I’m doing CCNA course from Network Kings.

  20. 5 out of 5

    Anil Mishra

    One of the best Platform to learn networking online.
    Way of teaching and subject delivery awesome.
    I have great learning experience.
    Thank you so much Atul Sir and team

  21. 5 out of 5


    I’m DEEPAK SHARMA, B.Tech (CSE). I have joining in March batch after watching a Demo class from you tube. Networkkings, I can just say “Networking Champion = ATUL Sir”. I did CCNA course under everyone’s favourite Atul Sir in March 2017. Above all standards, ATUL sir delivers his best in every aspect. He gave that base of What Networking is, that it became too easy to learn the most difficult part of Networks..!! People cramb IP Configuration, Now we build it. Whenever we talk about LAN, we ask each other, arey yar LAN cable laga le.. But he made us understand How each packet is transferred through that LAN wire. Your guidance and those practical sessions have helped me significantly in setting up our start-up. It’s like TCP sessions where you acknowledge our learning until it reaches us. Everyone on hearing about INCAMPUS programmes think that after a hectic schedule of College classes its just waste of time, money and energy to join any course. But there won’t be any moment of boredom, I can promise. That was about the course and learning. One thing that is most commendable about ATUL Sir, He is never late. Not only studies we were taught to manage time, with networking I also learnt that “Time is Precious”. The level of teaching is paramount and cohesive. He is one of those people for whom learning never stops. What I liked the most about this course is the style of teaching, helping BHUPI BRO and their ready-to-help nature and the most important the way they make the difficult topics easy. And, all this credit goes to ATUL sir.. He is an awesome teacher-cum-friend. Its his quality that student won’t miss his class after all the bumboos he gives to us.
    In last for me :-
    You are an icon of integrity and hard work, as well as a great philanthropist. Your achievements and outstanding leadership qualities are worthy of emulation. Thanks once again for all your encouragement and support.
    Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right words to say to someone who means so much to you.
    If you want to learn Networking, ATUL Sir is the destination 🙂 With all respect & love sir, Hats off to your dedication towards us.

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