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What is Online Cisco SDN Training ?

SDN known as SOFTWARE DEFINED NETWORKING, Cisco ACI is a SDN solution by cisco, Automation and software based controls has occupied an indispensable  space in our lives, because of the ease & comfort offered.  The current trend is tomorrow’s outdated as new and better methodologies are  in constant demand and development.  Networking thrives on adapting as per latest technology trends. So when everything around  is becoming more and more software oriented, networks can’t be left behind .

Status quo;  a  strong need for more centralized  and automated control is felt  more than ever when we talk about networking. High speed, integrated virtualization and dynamic nature of  today’s network  implementations also bring  in the  demand to change the way network  are deployed and managed. The methods of configuration and control associated with  traditional networking  are manual, decentralized  and hectic  in essence.

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ACI is Application Centric Infrastructure is a Cisco SDN, Software defined networking (SDN) is the new buzz and looks like a hopeful solution to current nuisances of conventional networking.  What we have seen so far is both control and forwarding functions coupled together and each networking device responsible for both these functions. This introduces delays, lack of control and confusion, none of which is desired.

Cisco ACI

SDN is a architecture in progress, which  tend to introduce two major changes to existing architecture :

How SDN Works ?

Each networking device like router, switch which  so far calculated its routing table and also forwarded the data as per these tables, now we will have these poor devices only forward the data and not bother with finding the route this data need to take.  This work will fall under the domain of a new physical entity which as of now is most popularly termed as “Controller“.

This controller  functionality is aimed to be completely software driven and efficient enough to calculate all routes for the forwarding devices, just as googlemaps do for your car. The most important thing is for  this calculation to  be all programatically accomplished. That is the essense of SDN, reduce the administrative overhead and make it all software driven . Let the coding do the work and let software define networking.

The intelligent people study hard  and try to master the trending subject. The smart people, though, they opt for what will be trending in future. Software Defined Networking  is high in demand. It have the scope, the future, the opportunities.  We at Network kings can help you in understanding  this complex subject in the most simple way. Contact us  to discuss this concept and our related training module in more detail. We will be more than happy to eliminate your doubts and help you master the future architecture.

You should Familiar with CCNA before starting ACI, Start Online CCNA course from us.

Application Centric Infrastructure (Network Centric) 

Course Outline

  • Course Overview
  • ACI Fabric Initialization
  • ACI Virtual Port Channels (vPC)
  • ACI Tenants
  • Layer 2 Access Ports on ACI
  • Inter EPG Communication in ACI
  • Layer 2 Trunk Ports on ACI (L2Out)
  • Extending Bridge Domain Outside ACI
  • Inter EPG Communication with L2out in ACI
  • STP and L2out
  • Connecting ACI to External Layer3 Networks (L3out)
  • ACI External Layer 3 Routing with OSPF
  • ACI External Layer 3 Routing with EIGRP
  • ACI External Layer 3 Routing with BGP
Cisco ACI
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