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We as networkers, are highly aware of the fact that networking is the backbone supporting  the wide range of innumerable digital-communication oriented operations going on per second in every part of the world.

ccnp data center online trainingRecord of every day work, business input, finances, transactions, deals, decisions, work, achievements, goals and challenges of every organization is digitized on a daily basis. In addition, based on level of criticality associated with this data, comes the need for back ups. In essence this equates to requirement of  an infrastructure that  is capable of reserving twice the space or more. When it comes to storage, backup and access point infrastructure for all this data, there is just one solution, “data centers”.

Data center is to networking, what networking is to the communication technology. Similar to the existence of  today’s internet without networking, there is no point of organization network without a data center, weather their own or third party leveraged, every single one of them, is dependent on one or the other data center for the data storage or other data oriented need.Even if we talk about  just any end user, accessing their emails or uploading any multimedia content to social media site  or just a basic website owner, we are all leveraging the data center storage.  When the search engine services are used  for day to day data access, data centers are the instrumental support, the backend handler, the reason why your search engine is able to fetch million of search results for even a single keyword.

Now  that we are convinced that data center is  major  building block of this architecture, there is no second guessing , that the demand curve for people acquainted with this technology is  always on the higher end.

Identifying this very importance of data center & the need for skilled professionals, Cisco launched its line of certification  focused on data centers. Like all major Cisco certification, Data Center certification have 3 levels : associate, professional & expert.  Cisco’s CCNP Data Center Certification is the professional level certification exam designed to impart the  skills necessary to organize, design, implement and devise data center oriented solutions.

CCNP Data center Examination, as of 25 July 2017, is in  transition phase, swiftly migrating from version 5.0 to 6.0. The new examination is crafted to focus on key areas.  Unified computing, virtualization, Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), and data center automation and orchestration, to name a few. Valid CCNA Data Center or any CCIE certification is the prerequisite for the examination.

Network Kings promises to deliver the most satisfactory online training on the subject. At Network Kings, all our trainers  have unique methodology & aim to deliver all the information in expected time, still making sure core concepts of the technology are  .  Every lesson is well planned and the delivery mechanism of the module  is finalized after careful deliberation among the team. We do not limit the knowledge transfer to mere completion of  book content, but guide you right from the start, in a way that you could deliver at both the examination and in the  industry, while working real time. We encourage you to be unhesistant to contact us to further discuss all aspects of this CCNP Data Center online traning module.