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CCNA Certification training with CCNA security.

Cisco CCNA Certification training and CCNA Security are the basic building blocks, 90% of the world networking professionals career are built upon. The smart step Cisco took was it opened its massive technology
to public at a very early stage and today computer networking studies are considered synonymous
to studying for Cisco certification. Although networking is a vast field, with contributions from many
vendors, if one have to begin their networking journey, they start with Cisco courses due to the
widespread nature, ease of availability , immense reputation and acceptance.

ccna certification training
The dominance that Cisco has established is beyond question. However though picking Cisco
certification, to begin your journey in networking world is easy, the real dilemma is to choose
between Cisco’s line of modules. While R&S is irrefutably crucial, security comes as its inherent
shadow, which one might not spot initially but recognizes eventually, as an inseparable component.

As of today, we see candidates acquire just R&S skill, but are subjected to situations where they
have to work with firewalls and other security devices. Whether you want to make a career in
security or not, it is so much integrated in day to day networking, that you had to be familiar with at
least basics of security in networking to grow or atleast not struggle. This applies more to working
people. If you are experienced professional in R&S, you might have come across the need to learn
firewalls, so you could grow better. Multiple skills makes you suitable person to take roles of major

Keeping all this in mind we at Network kings offers you the option to opt for Dual online Bootcamp.
When you enroll into this line of study, you are exposed to the essentials of both security and R&S in
a integrated fashion, similarly as it happens in industries in real time.

CCNA R&S is meant to impart
basic of networking and configuration, working & basic troubleshoot of Cisco devices, while CCNA
Security deals with the art of securing a network in place.
Don’t be hesitant to contact us, if this module looks promising to you. Our consulting team will clear
up all our doubts and help you reach an informed decision.

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