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Internet Service providers (ISPs), the backbone of the internet. The super hero at work behind the successful data transmission & reason millions of users anywhere can today afford connecting to the internet, without worrying about the giant infrastructure that is required to make this possible. ISPs also have to make sure their customers reap the benefits of all the latest developments in the networking trends.The primary objective of a Network Associate Service Provider is to handle and improve the carrier-grade network infrastructures. In this world of competition, there are many who can learn & manage  fundamentals of Network Associate SP, but the demand and credibility  of the  CISCO CCNA Service provider outnumber others, We offer ccna service provider online training, Classroom & Bootcamps.

CCNA Service provider

Course Objectives

Cisco Certified Network Associate Service Provider (or CCNA SP) is such a valid certification provided by the well-established IT and networking brand, Cisco. Cisco Certified Network Associate Service Provider certification is an evidence to prove the credibility and ability of service provider network engineers, designers, and network technicians who center solely upon the current trends and core networking technologies in the Service Provider Industry. A Cisco Certified Network Associate Service Provider holds the knowledge to execute, configure, and troubleshoot baseline Cisco Service Provider Next-Generation networks.



As such no prerequisites exist for obtaining this valuable & recommended certification. However, two constituting exams, that must be passed, to be certified are as described :


640-875 SPNGN1 (Service Provider Next-Generation  Networks 1)  :

The duration of this exam is 90 minutes (65 – 75 questions). Basically, this is a test of candidate’s knowledge and conceptual skills to support a Service Provider Network. General topics likely to be included in the exam are : IP Networks, IPv4 and IPv6 Addressing, Network  Management,  Switched Network Technologies I, Routed Network Technologies I, Cisco Operating Systems and Platforms I, Transport Technologies, Security in Network.

640-878 SPNGN2 (Service Provider Next-Generation  Networks 2) :

The duration of this exam is also 90 minutes (65 – 75 questions. Noteworthy topics that are likely to be included in the exam are : IP NGN Architecture, Switched Network Technologies II, Routed Network Technologies II, Cisco Operating Systems and Platforms II. The course covers these and other major service provider solutions in great details.

But still we recommend to do CCNA training.

Course Duration.

At  Networkkings we understand & place at top in priority list,  your expectations with the course duration. We are highly cognizant of the fact that you want to grasp maximum concept everyday & prefer to be ready fro the next milestone, which will be  to grab the  dream job as soon as possible. However we also understand, at the same time, you wouldn’t want the course to be rushed. Keeping in mind, all these factors, we have designed our online courses in a manner that one can experience the balance between unrushed delivery of concepts & timely completion.


Job Opportunties

ISPs struggle with dynamic nature of internet technology, which either tangible or otherwise, is superceded in no time. There was a time when Dialup & DSLs were the thing. Devices like hubs &  protocols like frame relay were the glue holding it all together. Today no one knows about these. The end user donot have to meddle their head over these changes, because it’s their service provider that have to stay flexible & be responsible to update the networks with change of technology.It definitely sounds like a industry, which to stay in business require immense & skilled task force. Their first ray of hope :  Network Associate Service Provider (or NA SP). CCNA SP certified professional are always in demand  due to nature of work.


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