Best Laptops for Cisco CCNA Training, CCNP & CCIE training.

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Laptops for CCNA to CCNP & CCIE training.

Hi, I will let you know which is Best Laptops for Cisco CCNA Training, CCNP & CCIE training. My name is Atul Sharma, Network Specialist working in IT Company in India, Currently handling networking for USA UK clients.

So in My college days when i did my CCNA, I am huge fan of packet tracer but after few months i came to know that, Packet tracer is not enough to do practicals,Screenshot_8

Here i came to know about GNs3, It’s a Real simulator, Its runs the same Operating system which cisco Routers runs inside, One Router Takes around 256MB of ram per router,


For 16GB & 32GB Ram Laptop:- You can practice for CCIE

Yes for ICND1 Packet tracer is enough but for next ICND2 & CCNP practicals we need to have practice on all the commands,

So I choose some good configuration Laptops Which are in your budget, i am attaching both India & USA amazon Links.

I am adding laptops starting from lowest price,

1. I3 Laptop with around 4GB of RAM ( Worth for CCNA | CCNP )

Buy Budget Laptop for CCNA

Upgrade with 4GB extra Ram , I recommend you to Buy & add ram by Local vendor, Let them Earn some money too.

Buy 8GB model 


2. Laptop with 16GB of Ram ( CCNA CCNP & also CCIE basic Practicals )

For India :- Visit Buy 16gb Laptop


3. I7 Laptop with 16gb Ram ( For Core CCNA to CCIE Level)


Buy Laptop for CCIE which doesnt heat up



  • Don’t buy Touch Laptops, You are not a kid
  • Go for Gaming laptops, they are costlier & Doesnt heat up
  • If you already have Laptop, Upgrade with good Ram

Thanks & Regards

Atul Sharma


  • Francis hamenoo

    Thank you. How about Lenovo x260 16GB,17hrs,320HDD,i5

    • Its awesome laptop 🙂
      Let us know if you want any Training from us.

    • That is also good