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About The AWS Certification (AWS) Course Training.

Network Kings, an aws online training company provides you with the right knowledge you need in AWS Cloud Computing for the AWS certification exam and use in the real time world. As a learner, you will be able to get your hands on real time experience in working with Cloud Computing, the Amazon Web Services and other cloud components such as Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (Paas), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), & Private Cloud Programming. You will also learn how to design, plan & scaling of the AWS infrastructure.

Course Objectives
After completing the online training successfully, you should be able to;

1. Efficiently design & deploy the AWS system.
2. Use the standard AWS infrastructure features from the command line.
3. Build a functioning Virtual Private Network (VPC)
4. Understand data ingress & egress to & from the AWS.
5. Evaluate costs & provide the right mechanisms for cost control
6. Manage users, their identities, permissions & security in the cloud.
7. Identify the relevant & right uses of AWS architecture
8. How to use the Lift & shift mechanism of AWS on-premises Applications
9. Determine the suitable AWS on basis of security ,computational and database needs
10. Edit & troubleshoot a basic AWS CloudFormation.

AWS Training Target Audience.
AWS training course is available to a wide section of people. Those who can train for an AWS course can be;

· System & Network administrators.
· Programmers or Solution Architects who are looking to build IaaS, SaaS or PaaS application systems or to migrate data from existing data centers to AWS
· People who are interested in hosting highly scalable and fault tolerant applications such as Joomla and WordPress on AWS cloud.
· Graduates or Professionals looking to upgrade their knowledge and skills in the cloud computing field.
AWS Training and Certification

The aws certified solutions architect associate exam is set for Individuals who at the end of the AWS training intend to perform the role of a Solutions Architect. The exams validates the examinee’s ability to;
1. Identify & gather requirements needed for solution definition in building using AWS architecture best practices.
2. Offer guidance on best architectural practices to developers & system administrators throughout a project’s lifecycle.

The knowledge & skills that is needed at this level should include knowledge in the following sections in addition to the objective components. The level of the learners knowledge can be defined by the following skills or qualities:

AWS Knowledge
• Experience using networking,compute, storage database services
• Professional experience as an architecture in large-scale distributed systems.
• Knowledge of elasticity & scalability concepts.
• Knowledge of the aws system infrastructure.
• Knowledge of aws network technologies.
• Familiarity with all aws security features and tools.
• Familiarity with aws client interfaces , deployment & management services.

General IT Knowledge

• Knowledge of a typical multi-tier architecture: web & application servers, caching, storage & load balancers.
• Familiarity with Relational Database Management & NoSQL.
• Understanding of content delivery networks.
• Knowledge of various models found in distributed systems.
• Understanding of enterprise service bus and message queuing.
• Knowledge of stateless systems& loose coupling.
• Familiarity with how LAN & WAN network technologies work.
• Hands on experience of how firewalls, route tables, OSI networks, access controls, IP, DNS,NAT & HTTP work.
• Familiarity with the software development cycle and restful web services.
• Understanding of security application concept & information.
• Familiarity with the end user computing & collaborative technologies.

Response Limits.

The examinee chooses their response from four/more response options. They can choose either one or more options which best completes a statement or answers the question. Wrong answers or distractors are response options which an examinee without full knowledge is likely to choose. These are usually termed as plausible responses which fit in the content and they are determined by test-objective. The Test item format used for this kind of examination response is;

• Multiple-choice: the examinee chooses an option which correctly completes a statement or answers the question.

• Multiple-response: where the examinee has an option of choosing more than one answer that correctly answers the given question/completes a statement.

• Sample Directions: The examinee reads the question/statement in the response section & chooses an option which they think represents the correct answer.

Training for the below courses or other similar methodologies will assist you in exam preparation. cloud computing white-papers.
·overview of the aws and its security processes.
· AWS Risk and Compliance Whitepaper.
· Cloud Storage Options.
·aws cloud architecture and its best practices.

2. Amazon Architect Training on AWS.
3. knowledge of high level programming language(s).
4. experience in deploying hybrid aws systems .
5. experience using the aws architecture center’s website.
The exam covers four main domains.
1. AWS Design- 60 percent
2. Implementation and Deployment- 10 percent.
3. Data Security- 20 percent.
4. Troubleshooting- 10 percent

Course Content Limits

1. AWS Design.
Designing of highly effective, cost efficient, fault tolerant, available and scalable cloud systems which recognizes cloud architecture considerations like the fundamental designs and components. The Design content may include:
1. Planning and Designing of cloud services
2. Monitoring and Logging
3. Familiarity with:
· Best AWS architecture practices.
· Developing an AWS system to client specifications· Architectural trade-off decisions .
· Hybrid IT architectures such as Direct Connect, Storage Gateway, VPC and Directory Services.
· Elasticity and scalability like Auto Scaling, SQS, ELB and CloudFront.

2. Implementation/Deployment
Identification of various Amazon services and how to use them in coding & implementation of a cloud solution. The Content may include:

• Configuration of the amazon machine language , its policies & best practices.
• Service Operation and extension in managing the IT architecture.

• Service Configuration to support cloud compliance requirements.

• Launching of Instances on the aws global infrastructure platform

3. Data Security
3.1 The AWS Infrastructure puts in place strong safeguards to help protect data and customer privacy. The Content may include:
• The shared-responsibility model
• Platform compliance.
• The amazon virtual private cloud.
• Identity & Access Management.(IAM)
• Administration & security services.
• Design patterns.
• DoS Mitigation
• The aws Cloud-Trail
• Ingress & Egress filtering.
• Amazon Elastic Cloud. (EC2) & Simple Storage Service. (S3) features.
• Incorporation of conventional security products like VPN & Firewall.
• CloudWatch & Logs
• Trusted advisor
• Encryption Solutions such as the key services

3.2 AWS recognizes critical data recovery techniques and implementation. The content covered in this section may include:
• Disaster recovery such as Recovery time and point objective.
• The Amazon. Elastic Block Store (EBS)
• Import/ Export.
• Amazon route53.
• The aws storage gateway.
• Data recovery method validation.

4. Troubleshooting.
This section covers the general troubleshooting methods.

The AWS Project

The final section of the aws architect training is the project. The project is a practical and comprehensive section of the AWS course which will help you to understand how AWS works in real time world. A project will also help you to exploit all the possible features of an AWS system and how to tap into its full potential.
The project covers key aspects such as
· Conducting a real-time AWS case study.
· Doing Hands on workshop.
· Principles and practices needed in designing a cloud based system.
· The various AWS concepts & operations such as computing services and networking.
AWS Cloud Computing Certification
Successful completion of exams for aws online training means that the learners are now eligible to get the aws solution architect certification . The entire course is conducted using the latest AWS curriculum and regulations and one is guaranteed of getting the best type of jobs among the top MNCs. As part of the curriculum, a learner will be able to work on real time assignments and projects which all have immense implications in the outside world thus helping you to effortlessly fast-track your career path as an aws solutions architect.
The certificate will be awarded after completion and submission of the project work (under an expert) & only after scoring at least 60% in the course.

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