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How I started  My Cisco career in CCNA, CCNP, CCIE.

Hi Guys, It has been 2241 days When I started career in IT networking , I did my CCNA which is six years, one month, 21 days, somewhere calculated its !!

  • 193,622,400 seconds
  • 3,227,040 minutes
  • 53,784 hours
  • 2241 days
  • 320 weeks and one day

I am counting each and every minute of this journey so far, I started my career as a Cisco trainer, never thought to become a trainer, but when I started training people, I still Train CCNA Online Course, CCNP Online Course

I liked training people and it become my passion for training and people appreciated my training that why after long six years I am still training.

I didn’t get job from my college, because I never took a interest in programming to much, As I decided to become a network expert, After six years, I can say it was a right decision.

Initially, I got a job opportunity in Dubai, But after few months I realized, No learning and growth in that particular job, I quit & came back to my hometown in northern in CCNA

I trained in classrooms for few months, While checking some random posts of Cisco related on Facebook & somebody posted a job requirement in Facebook, I applied, they called me, took my interview of around three rounds &  got selected,

I entered the world of corporate, A big brand, seeking to learn & Started my career with positive attitude, After getting a job,

I slowed down in my learning of Cisco career; I was more in doing company work, and for part time I love to do web design & Other things to earn part time.

After one year approx, My friend came to Gurgaon to get a job, I trained him for CCNA & I recorded few sessions & Uploaded on youtube, That was the day Network kings started, I got thousands of views & in Few months,

Network kings at this period had an only website, No inquiries, Only a simple static website. My OSI model videos are on the top of India,

I got boost up & continued to make few videos, After years of experience in the same organization, I switched to another company,

I know I am giving dedication to my part time from last one year, I have decided to make my part time training into full-time job as I am getting good responses from you people,

Career After CCNA, CCNP Training.

I have learned many things from real knowledge, Not only just technical, but also came to know few things which made me a college student to working professional, Like Email writing, Dress code, How to communicate with your friends and clients, Company has played important role in my career.

I can’t say how much I earn monthly, the exact figures depends on my all part-time work, but yes definitely its more than enough at age of 27.

So In last I Just want to tell you guys, make one bigger goal, Like I want to be the best trainer of networking in the world, And also make Shorter goals like I want to create CCNA to CCIE training, Then I will move myself into SDN Training, Virtualization training.

If you are still confused where to get my CCNA, As CCNA is the first step towards you IT networking career, see I have lived a life what you are thinking,

Getting technical knowledge is not enough nowadays, You should also have a career plan, So I am here to push you for your career growth,

Don’t entrust your Cisco Training with just anyone, Train with the best train with us.

Network Kings

Atul Sharma

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